Other Activities 


CREATE staff have engaged in several research projects related to CBR and disability. In 2007 CREATE conducted a study of the impact of community rehabilitation facilitators and community rehabilitation workers in 6 provinces of South Africa. See the executive summary under Resources. Currently CREATE is completing an impact evaluation of the CBR Disability Support Project in Mpumalanga province for Disabled People South Africa.

Facilitating Workshops for Municipalities

CREATE has facilitated a number of workshops for district and local municipalities around KwaZulu Natal. At the end of 2008 CREATE assisted Umkhanyakude District Municipality by facilitating a consultative workshop to help them draw up their Disability Implementation Plan. CREATE has run workshops for staff of the Msunduzi Local Municipality and Umgungundlovu District Municipality on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Working with the Premier’s Office

CREATE works with the Human Rights Chief Directorate in the KwaZulu Natal Premier’s Office. We work with the Office on the Status of Disabled Persons (OSDP) as well as with senior members of the Chief Directorate. Soon we will be embarking on the training of the human rights forums in each district of KwaZulu Natal which were initiated by the Premier’s Office. We have also assisted the OSDP on numerous occasions with awareness- raising and advocacy activities.

Working with the Department of Social Development

CREATE is currently working with the national Department of Social Development as well as the provincial and regional offices of the Department in order to pilot CBR as it will be implemented by the Department of Social Development. Up until this time the Department of Social Development has not implemented CBR through its structures.